Quality is a top priority in our company. Our high qualities formula is: qualified staff + reliable partners + innovative technologies+ latest equipment + high quality materials = the highest quality. Quality of a frame-panel houses depends on every single detail; there are no unimportant details or processes. We know the specifics of the job and we are capable to to guarantee that your future building will be beautiful, sealed. And that everything will be performed by a resourcefull staff and by using high quality materials.


We are giving 5 years warranty for our services and products. We guarantee the highest quality and pleasant communication.


Frame-panel house is a win situation for you, because it can save you time and money. Houses of this type are built noticeably faster than using other technologies, it can also be built at any season of the year. Frame-panel houses doesn’t require massive foundations. It is calculated that frame-panel house is the cheapest type of house. Our production is a combination of quality and cost!


We know that anyone can build a house, but only professionals can build a warm, firm, durable, high quality and safe house. Team work is a strength of our team: designers, constructors, manufacturing workers, and carpenters are always ready to accomplish even the most complex projects.


Precision and detailed calculations plays a big role in the house building process. Constant investments into innovative technologies that appears in the market, usage of program SEMA (one of the most accurate design program) and automated material preparation processes preformed by CNC wood processing machines allows our company to reach the best quality and minimize possibility of mistakes.


Our main focus is client; we do our best to combine your wishes and our possibilities, by adjusting and consulting. During the implementation of project we do everything to create stress-free environment for our clients.


Frame-panel houses are long-lasting and durable buildings. There are no unimportant stages or works in the building process. Longevity is determined by accuracy, quality of selected materials and professional carpenters. We know how to design, select the best suitable and high quality materials, to produce modules of frame-panel house and to build a warm, durable and economical dwelling.


Modern technologies and equipment guaranties high quality of the product. We have already introduced many innovations and we have much more to come. We want to stay competitive in our local and worlds market. Our company received partial financing from The European Regional Development Funds program “HIT for industry LT+” and bought the latest equipment, which will allow our company to even more develop manufacturing of frame-panel houses and expand our capability.