In 1994 “Gelmeda” JSC started its activity, primarily building and manufacturing log houses, bathhouses, summerhouses and other ecological and wooden products. By gaining client trust and successfully implementing many projects, and thanks to our specialists, manufacturing technology and employee skills increased consistently.

In 2016, by following the latest trends, technologies and market needs, and thanks to EU Structural Funds, we began to communicate with the internationally recognised manufacturing and technology company WEINMANN (HOMAG GROUP). This company suggested and helped us obtain the most innovative equipment and now we can be proud of the results: the manufacture of economical, ecological and passive homes.


We aim to be a market leader, so we are changing, adapting to the needs of the market and improving. Eventually, by following innovations and considering the need of the market, we began manufacturing frame-panel houses.
Many years of experience allow us to say that we are experts in frame-panel houses and wooden products, able to satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding client and guarantee quality and durable products.

Our company can prepare pre-designed offers at client request. We are happy to offer versions of already implemented projects, or a new, individual order.

Our goal is to satisfy the expectations of every client by paying attention to even the smallest details from the beginning to the end of each project.

“Gelmeda” JSC is currently implementing the “Gelmeda investments into innovative technologies project” under project No. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-841-02-0036. It is partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund “HIT for Industry LT+” with a budget of EUR 6,016,126. We received EUR 2,105,644 in financing to cover expenses associated with implementation of the project.

These funds will be used to buy new and innovative equipment for the Lithuanian market.
The project aim is to create innovative technological conditions in the company by investing in a flexible, widely used and high added value creation and manufacturing system of frame-panel houses from wooden and assembled constructions.

The project will create value throughout the entire supply chain, starting from materials and set selection through the final product implemented in the location selected by the client, by applying particularly flexible systems of production and manufacturing technologies and creating conditions for the manufacture of massive frame-panel houses. HIT infrastructure has expanded manufacturing capacity, satisfying real production demand on the Lithuanian market and targeted export. Implemented innovations will make it possible to satisfy social and economic needs for economical homes and to create economics of scale.