Latest technologies and automated manufacturing processes enable our company to meet client requirements and achieve the highest quality and precision.

We use only certified, time-tested and high-quality materials in our manufacturing processes. As quality is a top priority for our company, we have strict quality requirements for materials and prefer eco-friendly materials. Manufacturing processes take place in closed premises, thus our materials are protected from weather conditions.

Timber (for product manufacturing) is sourced from one of the biggest wood processing companies in Germany – Klenk Holz.

Our fastening elements supplier, “B&B TOOLS Lietuva”, represents one of the leading fastening elements companies in Europe – ESSVE. Its revolutionary products make it one of the leading companies in Europe trusted by many professional builders.

Ottensten supplies our fastening elements, sealing materials and boards. They represent internationally recognised brands such as: SIGA, SIMPSON strong tie, FESTOOL, Forestia and Fibo Trespo.

All of our materials have quality certificates and satisfy environmental requirements. Our reliable suppliers are globally recognised and valued for quality, durability and longevity.