Design is one of the most important steps in the building process, so we are pleased that our construction staff can communicate simply and clearly with our clients and architects. Construction engineers prepare detailed drawings of the manufacturing and mounting specifications for a building site.

By combining modern design and durable construction, we aim to satisfy your expectations with our capabilities by searching for innovative solutions. We are ready to make project corrections until the perfect solution for a client is found and your vision becomes reality.

Our construction engineers collaborate with our partners in Scandinavia and Germany. We use SEMA, one of the latest and most modern design programmes. It allows us not only to avoid mistakes, but also gives our clients the opportunity to see a 3D model of the house before we even start producing it – at no extra cost! The project is only transferred to production when the client is completely satisfied.

Design drawings and specifications are carried out according to the building laws valid in the country where the building is erected: LR building laws and regulations, Euro code standards or the Scandinavian TEK17 standard.

We do static calculations for all our projects and check constructions according to prevailing snow and wind loads in the area. We ensure your home is durable thanks to these calculations – not empty promises!