1. General information

UAB „Gelmeda“ (hereafter “Data Controller”) defines this Privacy Policy the basic rules for collecting, processing and storing your personal data and other information related to you, using the Data Controller website

Data Controller details:

Legal entity code: 123923122
Head office: Giraičių k. 5E, Giraičių k., LT-21369 Elektrėnai
Tel .: +37069822366

You may visit our website without disclosing any information about yourself, but if you want to make a request and/or register, you will be asked to provide personal information requiredby the system. We respect a person’s right to privacy and make all reasonable efforts to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and other information processed on this website.

We confirm that private data of visitors, entering Data Controller website and social networking account, will be collected in accordance with the requirements of valid legal actsof European Union and the Republic of Lithuania along with the instructions of the competent authorities. All reasonable technical and administrative measures will be taken to ensure that data collected about visitors on website and social networking account is protected against loss, unauthorized use and alteration. The Data Controller’s employees have signed in writing not to disclose or disseminate anyinformation received at the workplace, including information about the website visitors to third parties.

Persons under the age of 16 cannot provide any personal data through our website or social networking accounts. If you are a person under the age of 16, you must obtain the consent of your parent or other legal guardian before submitting your personal information and send/submit consent to us.

The terms used in the privacy policy are understood to be as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (ES).

2. What personal data are we collecting, storing and using?

Our website and social networking accounts provide you the opportunity to submit information directly to us. For example, by registering, purchasing services/products on the website, or by submitting queries.

We obtain the following information directly from you:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Address;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Address of residence.

We can also collect information about how you use our website, for example:

  • Device information, i.e., IP address, operating system version and parameters of the device that you use to access content /products;
  • Login information, i.e. time and duration of your session, the terms of the queries you enter on our website, and any information stored in the cookies we have detected on your device (the cookie policy is provided below);
  • Location information, i.e. device GPS signal or information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and mobile signal towers that may be passed on to us by using our website content.

Information from third-party sources
We may obtain information about you from public and commercial sources (as far as permitted by applicable laws) and relate it to other information we receive from you or about you. We can also receive information about you from third-party social networking services when you join them, for example through journal accounts on Facebook.

Other information we collect
With your consent, we may also collect information about you, your device or your use of the content of our website.
You may choose not to provide us with certain information (e.g., subscriptions or marketing information), but in this case you may not be allowed to use our online purchase services or you may not receive the latest offers.

3. How do we use your information?

We can use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • Sales and delivery of the selected goods/services (e-commerce);
  • Payment for the shopping basket through selected external banking services provider;
  • For marketing purposes, for example, sending newsletters on relevant topics, providing individualized advertisements and promotion content, sending notifications on special offers, evaluating and analyzing market, customers, products and services (including collecting your opinion on products and services and customer survey management). We use and process your data for direct marketing purposes only if you have given your consent *;
  • Find out how people use our online services so we can improve them and create new content, products and services;
  • Organize free lotteries, contests, games or promotions as permitted by law *;
  • For request submission and administration purposes;
  • In other ways with your consent *.

* We inform that you have the right to refuse or at any time cancel your consent to process your data for the above-mentioned, starred purposes.

Information collected in various lotteries, contests, games or shares may be publicly announced on the website managed by UAB “Gelmeda” and/or social networking accounts, for example, we may publish the names of the winners as well as competition content.

4. To whom do we disclose your information?

We will disclose your information to the following entities:

  • Companies that provide services upon our request. The ability of these companies to use your information is limited, they may not use this information for purposes other than the provision of services requested by us;
  • Companies that help organize competitions/games /promotions, such as advertising agencies, marketing agencies. The ability of these companies to use your information is limited, they may not use this information for purposes other than the provision of services requested by us;
  • Other parties, when required by law, or this is necessary in order to protect our services of informational society.

Cases when we can disclose your information to other parties:

  • In order not to violate laws or responding to a mandatory judicial process;
  • To confirm the legality of our actions;
  • To protect the Data Controller rights, property or to ensure safety;
  • We may disclose your information to the third party concerned in the event of merger, transfer or bankruptcy;
  • In other cases we only disclose information with your consent or legitimate request.

5. How much time do we store your personal data?

We will keep your personal data for as long as you use our subscription services, as long as the promotion activities are ongoing, etc. For marketing purposes we will store it for 2 years, after which we will update our consent.

6. What do we do to protect your information?

We have implemented smart physical and technical measures to protect the information which we collect for content/service provision. However, it should be noted that while we are taking appropriate steps to protect your information, no website, internet transaction, computer system or wireless connection is completely safe.

7. Rights guaranteed to you

We guarantee the implementation of these rights and the provision of any related information at your request or legal application:

  • To know (to be informed) about the processing of your personal data;
  • To familiarize with your personal data and how it is processed;
  • To request correction, destruction of your personal data or suspension of processing of your personal data (except for storage);
  • Refuse to give consent to processing of your personal data, including direct marketing;
  • Request to delete your personal data (“the right to be forgotten”);
  • Request your personal data transfer, that is to allow you to access your personal data in a form where you will be provided with personal data in a commonly used and computer-readable format;
  • The right to file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

The Data Controller may not create the conditions for data subjects to implement the above-mentioned rights, where, in the cases provided for by the law, it is necessary to ensure the prevention, investigation and detection of crimes, professional or professional ethics violations, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.

8. Third-party websites, services and products on our website

The Data Controller’s website or social networking accounts may include third-party advertising banners, links to their websites, and services that are not controlled by the Data Controller. The Data Controller is not responsible for the safety and privacy of information collected by third parties. You must be careful to read the privacy policies applicable to third-party websites and services that you use.

9. Cookies, signals and similar technologies

In these Privacy Terms, we use the term cookies for cookies and other similar technologies such as Pixel Tags, Web Beacon or clear GIFs .

Using cookies.
When visiting Data Controller’s website, we want to provide content and features that are individualized to meet your needs. This requires cookies. These are small items of information stored in your web browser. They help the Data Controller to recognize you as a visitor to a certain website, save the history of your visit, and customize the content accordingly. Also, cookies help ensure appropriate operation of the website, allows you to monitor the duration, frequency of visits to the website, and collect statistical information about the number of visitors to the website. By analyzing this data, we can improve our website, making it more user-friendly.

Some examples of cookie usage:

  • Cookies allow you to identify the number of unique users on the website at one time, thus helping to ensure its smooth and fast functioning;
  • Cookies allow you to analyze the collected information about the browsing of unique users, which helps to adapt the operation of the website to meet user needs.

The cookies we use on our website can be grouped into the following types:

  • Required cookies are strictly necessary so that our website could perform the required functions. These cookies allow you to browse the website and use the features you require, such as providing access to secure website areas. Without these cookies, we cannot provide services that allow the function of our website;
  • Activity cookies collect anonymous information about how visitors use the website. By providing information about visited areas, time spent on the website and any problems that you may encounter, such as error messages, these cookies help us understand how visitors behave on the website. This information helps us improve website performance.

Cookies help collect the following data:

  • By administering the website and diagnosing function disruption on servers, we can use the IP addresses of visitors’ computers. An IP address is a unique network code identifying a computer. It can be used to set up a visitor and collect different demographic information. This is done by the absolute majority of web server administrators;
  • Using cookies we collect data about the use of services. The types of cookies used on our website are listed above.

How to manage and delete cookies.

  • When you use the browser to access the content that we provide, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notify when a cookie is downloaded. Each browser is different, so if you do not know how to change cookie preferences, check the help menu. Your device’s operating system may have additional cookie controls. If you do not want the information to be collected through cookies, use the current simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to refuse access to cookies. To learn more about managing cookies, visit:
  • Please note that some services may be designed to work with cookies only, and you will no longer be able to use them or certain parts of them if you turn it off.

Other information related to the use of cookies.
In addition to the cookie used by the Data Controller, certain third parties are allowed to configure and access cookies on your computer. In this case, third-party privacy policies apply to the use of cookies.

Our website contains the following cookies:
The first kind of cookies – we inform you that by logging in to our website, the following cookies are stored on your computer in order to access the website:

Cookie title Reason for data management Creation point Validity Data in use
PHPSESSID Standard cookie is used to support the user session. At the time of entering the page Until closing the website window Unique identifier
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmv Tracking cookies from Google Analytics. Information to the server is sent anonymously. Cookies identify unique visitors and monitor user sessions. For more information, see Google. At the time of entering the page Correspondingly 1day, 30 minutes, until the end of session, 10 minutes, unlimited. Accounting uses IP addresses and unique IDs. The accounting result is statistical. Register accounting is done through Google Analytics.
_utmz Tracking cookies from Google Analytics. Information to the server is sent anonymously. At the time of entering the page 2 days Accounting uses IP addresses and unique IDs. The accounting result is statistical. Register accounting is done through Google Analytics.
__cfduid The CloudFlare cookie is used to identify individual clients for a common IP address and apply security settings according to customer requirements. The cookie does not store any personal information. At the time of entering the page 1 day Unique identifier
IDE Cookie is used for targeting, optimizing, reporting and assigning promotional advertisements. At the time of entering the page 2 months HTTP cookie
_icl_current_language Cookie is used to store current language. At the time of entering the page 1 day Language code
catAccCookies Cookie is used to store information about the cookie alert revised by the user. At the time of entering the page 60 days Unique identifier
wp_woocommerce_session_[šešioliktainis skaičius] A unique code for each user, used to find the basket information in the database. At the time of entering the page 2 days Unique identifier
Woocommerce_cart_hash, woocommerce_items_in_cart Stored basket information During creation of the basket Until closing the website window Basket information
„Google Tag Manager“ and „Google Analytics“ cookies:
_ga Cookie collects information about user behavior on the website and is used to maintain statistical information. At the time of entering the page 2 years Unique identifier
_gat Cookie collects information about user behavior on the site and is used to distinguish unique users by assigning them a unique identifier (ID). At the time of entering the page 1 minute Unique identifier
_gid Cookie collects information about user behavior on the website and is used to maintain statistical information. At the time of entering the page 1 day Unique identifier
_gat_gtag_[unikalus kodas] A Google Tag Manager cookie collects information about user behavior on the website and is used to maintain statistical information. At the time of entering the page 1 minute Unique identifier
„Youtube“ cookies:
GPS Registers a unique mobile device identifier to enable tracking based on the geographical location of the GPS. At the time of entering the page 30 minutes HTTP cookie
PREF Registers a unique identifier used by Google to keep track of statistics on how a visitor uses YouTube videos on various websites. At the time of entering the page 8 months HTTP cookie
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Tries to rate user’s bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos. At the time of entering the page 179 days HTTP cookie
YSC Registers a unique ID to manage statistics on what YouTube videos have been seen by the user. At the time of entering the page Duration of the session HTTP cookie


10. Where to apply?

For any of your personal data processing requests or related questions, please email us at

11. Policy changes

UAB “Gelmeda” has the right to change the privacy policy entirely or in part by notifying about it on the website. All disagreements and disputes are resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.