Production starts after project approval and after the submission of production drawings for machining. Our partner, WEINMANN (Homag group), is a internationally recognised manufacturer of automated machine tools. WEINMANN helped us to install the latest and most innovative technology in order to ensure quality manufacturing processes and material processing. The main advantage of automated manufacturing is higher efficiency and quality at lower cost. WEINMANN is the only company that produces fully computer-assisted equipment for the manufacture of frame houses.

Combined smart warehouse and factory systems are the future technology for production companies, since this technology guaranties lower expenses and higher efficiency.

Modern production technologies ensure accuracy and leave no room for mistakes. Production and storage takes place indoors, so products are protected from weather conditions.


The walls of the building are prepared in the factory as well as packed and protected from weather conditions before transportation to the construction site. Their durability depends on many factors: the quality of the materials, the work process, the technologies use and the professionalism of mounting works. Experienced foremen precisely and quickly assemble the house (or other building) structure, guarantee that all the elements are firmly and tightly integrated, and that the work is completed according to the agreed instructions and terms.

Assembly can be carried out during any season on the next day after the delivery is agreed. The construction site and foundations should be prepared beforehand. Elements are mounted by crane directly from a prime mover, so there is no need for separate storage premises. After mounting, the house is sealed and prepared for the tightness test. At the same time, an outdoor finish is applied. If the tightness test is successfully completed, the indoor finish is carried out.


We deliver products everywhere in Lithuania and abroad. After evaluating the construction site, we prepare loading schemes for mounting house elements directly from a prime mover. This eliminates the need to prepare storage space and reduces mounting time. By preparing the product for transportation, we ensure better quality and safety without causing any damage to the product.

We pack each structural element according to its composition and purpose. Products ready for transportation are loaded according to the design drawings.


Design is one of the most important steps in the building process, so we are pleased that our construction staff can communicate simply and clearly with our clients and architects. Construction engineers prepare detailed drawings of the manufacturing and mounting specifications for a building site.

By combining modern design and durable construction, we aim to satisfy your expectations with our capabilities by searching for innovative solutions. We are ready to make project corrections until the perfect solution for a client is found and your vision becomes reality.

Our construction engineers collaborate with our partners in Scandinavia and Germany. We use SEMA, one of the latest and most modern design programmes. It allows us not only to avoid mistakes, but also gives our clients the opportunity to see a 3D model of the house before we even start producing it – at no extra cost! The project is only transferred to production when the client is completely satisfied.

Design drawings and specifications are carried out according to the building laws valid in the country where the building is erected: LR building laws and regulations, Euro code standards or the Scandinavian TEK17 standard.

We do static calculations for all our projects and check constructions according to prevailing snow and wind loads in the area. We ensure your home is durable thanks to these calculations – not empty promises!