The PRE-CUT system significantly accelerates and simplifies the construction process of a frame-panel house. Our construction engineers prepare mounting drawings and numerate timber elements, so that even the customer and an experienced installer can implement the construction and installation process.

By using the latest WEINMANN machine tools and high-quality C24 timber, we can prepare timber elements quickly and precision cut, mill or drill various wooden constructions up to 13 metres in length with 1-mm accuracy. All the wooden elements needed to build a frame-panel house are pre-cut and numbered at our production premises, making cross-cutting machines and measuring unnecessary. Simply install the timber elements according to the mounting drawings. The PRE-CUT system also reduces transportation and installation costs, because pre-cut elements occupy less space in the trailer and the customer does not need to rent a crane. The PRE-CUT method also reduces construction waste, making the construction site cleaner and safer. In order to assemble a building using the PRE-CUT system, the only thing you need is an even surface (wooden floor partition or concrete foundation). Contact us and let us know what you want to build.